Friday, May 25th 10:00am - 4:00pm 

Lake Michigan College - South Haven Campus

Join us and take your passion for mermaid culture and environmentalism one step further with the Mermaid Eco-Action Conference! Take your calling to the next level with comprehensive knowledge of the problems facing the Great Lakes freshwater ecosystem with in-depth talks presented by our esteemed guest speakers.


Become Mythical.

Become part of the solution.

Keynote Speaker Hannah Fraser

This one-day environmental symposium is the kick-off for Mermaid MegaFest 2018! There will be a lot of fun things over the weekend, but one of our serious ambitions is to raise the level of awareness about the Great Lakes and teach citizens about what they can do to protect and conserve the Great Lakes.  Each speaker will have 20 minutes of prepared remarks and 15 minutes for questions and answers from the audience


There is an amazing roster of featured speakers on the latest ecological and preservation topics




Presentation Summaries:


Bob Tolpa:

Bob will open the conference, welcoming the speakers and the audience.  He will provide a brief description of the Great Lakes, the management of the Lakes and some tips on how the audience can become activists or, better advocates for the Great Lakes.


Tinka Hyde:
Tinka will speak about the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the largest investment in the Great Lakes in two decades, over $2.5 billion. Federal and State agencies use the Restoration Initiative’s resources to strategically target the biggest threats to the Great Lakes ecosystem and to accelerate progress toward long-term goals.  The Initiative is directed by 5-year action plans and Tinka will describe progress to date and the next steps in developing plans for the next 5-year implementation plan Action Plan III.


Rick Hobrla:

Rick Hobrla will provide information on the Michigan Office of the Great Lakes and the Michigan Water Strategy, a 30-year plan to protect, manage and enhance Michigan’s water resources for current and future generations. He will discuss Michigan’s efforts to protect and restore the Great Lakes and will offer advice to participants on how everyone can become a steward of the Great Lakes.


Dr. Brian Klatt:

Dr. Klatt will present on ecological aspects and considerations of watersheds in general and the Great Lakes watershed in particular. He will briefly examine the geographical extent of the watershed and the ecological communities that it includes. He will also consider the ecosystem services that the Great Lakes provide, the threats to the system in the context of a recent United Nations assessment of North American biodiversity, and offer practical advice on what citizens can do to help protect the lakes.


Hannah Fraser (Keynote presentation):

Hannah shares her first-hand experiences of swimming with some of the worlds largest and most dangerous animals of the ocean, and her personal journey of activism to protect and preserve them through inspiring imagery. 


Jessica Vander Ark:

Jessica will present on watersheds, stormwater, non-point source pollution, and best management practices.  Bringing the perspective of a citizen activist Jessica will also describe how our own personal actions affect the watershed's health.   


Shifting Sands: On the Path to Sustainability:  An American Public Television documentary that looks at the decades-long effort to create the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore amid the presence of heavy industry at the southern end of Lake Michigan and the collaborative effort to clean up and restore the region.





Date/Time: Friday, May 25, 2018  10:00am - 4:00pm

Venue: Lake Michigan College - South Haven Campus
125 Veterans Blvd, South Haven, MI 49090


Thanks to the generosity of the South Haven Speaker Series organization, the conference is free to the public and runs from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Friday May 25, 2018 at South Haven Campus of Lake Michigan College 125 Veterans Boulevard, South Haven, Michigan.