Meet the Artist, Miss Harlow
of Harlow House Photo


Mermaid MegaFest Productions is pleased to announce Lindsay Nicole of Harlow House Photo will be joining our team as the event photographer for the Underwater Modeling Workshop by Hannah Mermaid!  Participants of the workshop will the subjects of her inspiring photography sessions.


Miss Harlow is a professional fine art photographer; designer of mermaid accessories; philanthropist; conservationist, and holistic health coach. Her mission is transforming everyday women from all walks of life into inspiring fantasy fine art. She enjoys doing these shoots to boost confidence, support women, and help them feel beautiful. Her art features unlikely “models’ of all ages and sizes.  She thrives on producing a life-changing positive experience for her clients.


Aside from her creativity and inclusive attitude, she is a positive role model, sharing her personal health struggles over the past 6 years. She has fought through chronic pain and challenges to become a confident public speaker for benefits for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and offers public lectures on holistic health and well-being as a health coach. 


Miss Harlow is excited to photograph this workshop with Hannah Mermaid,

“I admire her and hope to be more like her every day. After witnessing the horrors of "the Cove" and seeing the devastation of plastic on our oceans, I wanted to take action.  I had spent much of my free time organizing protests, signing petitions, and re-posting haunting and heartbreaking videos. I wanted to educate people on oceanic conservation and the importance of marine life but they didn't want to see it and I don't blame them It was hard to watch. Hannah inspired me to trade anger and aggressive tactics for a more inspirational approach through inspiring up-lifting imagery and art.”


You can see more of Miss Harlow’s work at Harlow House Photo and Harlow Pinup at: