NAUI Mermaid Certification

Lake Arvista 107 72nd St, South Haven, Mi 49090

Saturday June 15th, 9:00am - 11:00am 

NAUI Mermaid Level 1 Certification 

The NAUI Mermaid Level 1 course offers mermaids a solid foundation in technique and safety. Covering everything from equipment maintenance, breath hold and monofin technique, open water safety, and conservation, this class a must for building your mermaid skills. Whether you are a hobbyist or looking to become a professional, this course is designed to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to mermaid safely.


Students must be 12 years or older and be confident in their swimming ability by the time of the in-water portion of the course at Mermaid MegaFest. Students will be required to fill out a NAUI medical questionnaire and, in rare cases, may need physicians approval to join the class. Minors need parental consent to join the class.

Meet Mermaid Lila 

Say hello to Mermaid Lila, visiting us all the way from the sandy shores of Maui! She is a marine biologist, scuba diver, surfer, ocean conservation enthusiast, wrote the NAUI mermaid certification, and an enthusiastic lover of all things Mermaid! We're incredibly excited to welcome her into our Mermaid MegaFest family this year.

"There’s a lot to learn from mermaids. When I run retreats and workshops I teach about all aspects of mermaids and how they relate to our mind, body, and spirit. I get to share my knowledge of the ocean environment and teach my clients how to be good ambassadors, even when they’re landlocked at home which is the Mind. I am a skin diving instructor and developed an instructor specialty with NAUI specific to mermaid swimming. I teach proper swimming technique, breath hold, safety, and basic self-care for mermaiding and freediving which is the Body. When it comes to the Spirit side of things, I remind people that mermaids are a bridge between land and sea. They don’t just symbolize female sexuality. They symbolize the interconnections of two different worlds. To me, they are a reminder that our actions on land affect the sea, and our actions in the sea affect the land."
~ Mermaid Lila (Interview by Everything Mermaid, 2018)

Upon signing up, students will receive an email with a link to register for the online portion of the course and have an option to join the MegaFest NAUI Mermaids Facebook Group. The course modules are designed to present information and techniques and test students on their knowledge. Students must successfully pass and complete the online portion of the course before meeting in-person on June 14th. Any questions regarding the classroom portion are welcomed and encouraged. Please contact or post the question in the Facebook Group and Lila will answer ASAP.

During the in-person portion of the course, students will apply the practical skills of mermaiding and demonstrate their skills for certification. 


In person we will practice:

Dolphin-kick technique

Breath hold technique

Basic rescue*

Basic underwater modeling/poses


*Basic rescue is essential, but skills in this class are not a substitute for lifeguard certification.


Please be sure to bring a towel, tail, and environmentally safe sun protection (non-nano zinc oxide or titanium dioxide), swim goggles, and willingness to learn! Please be conscious about your tail choice. The in-person portion of the class is done in open water. As such, Mermaid Lila highly discourages use of sequin tails to minimize risk of accidental plastic pollution.


Tail rentals are available on a reservation basis and quantities are limited. You may also arrange a tail purchase through Mermaid Lila.


Upon successful completion of the class, your NAUI Mermaid Level 1 Certification Card will be mailed to your home address! 

Certification Details