Saturday, May 26th  Noon - 3:00pm 

South Beach Lighthouse Pier

Join us at the Mermaid Gathering and help achieve our goal: breaking the world record for most mermaids in one gathering ever! Throw on your best mermaid gear and meet us on the beaches of South Haven for what is sure to be a party to remember!



One of the event’s goals is to curate the world’s largest gathering of people dressed as mermaids (yes, this includes mermen too)!  The GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS official attempt requires a minimum of 300 people to set this record. 

Join us - be a member of the largest mermaid pod ever recorded!


Participation is free.  However, we request that you register in advance to obtain your free Mermaid Ticket.  This provides us with your contact information so that we can keep you informed of event updates.

The event is open to all ages - however, you should plan to join your little ones in the designated arena while wearing a mermaid costume of your own.  Only people with complete mermaid costumes are allowed to enter the counting area.

The counting area is NOT IN THE WATER.  Entering the water during the counting period will disqualify you from the count - because you have left the designated arena.  Besides, the water will be cold, even if the weather is nice.

Only participants in full mermaid dress must be counted for the record. A full costume consists of a fishtail skirt of at least ankle length and costume top. Male participants may be shirtless but must wear the fishtail skirt. T-shirts and the like are not acceptable. The fishtail skirt does not have to enclose the feet with a swimable flute.  

Mermaids on land are not very mobile.  Therefore, it is recommended that you carry your costume and put it on after you have found a suitable sitting spot within the counting area.

All participants must wear the costume for the entirety of the attempt.  All participants must be in position simultaneously and remain so for a minimum of five minutes. A loud start and finish signal recognized by all participants must be used. Two experienced timekeepers must time the attempt with stopwatches.

The attempt must take place at a single location. Our specific venue choice is fluid - to adjust for potential adverse waves and weather. The attempt must take place in a restricted area with entrances and exits clearly marked and controlled.  Observers, photographers, and general public will not be allowed in the counting area.