Three Day Event

Underwater Modeling Workshop 
by Hannah Mermaid

Master performance techniques for underwater modeling in this exclusive three-day workshop  led by Hannah Mermaid!   This course is designed for aspiring models to excel in underwater photo shoots.  The course includes techniques in free diving breath work, costume, hair & makeup for underwater modeling, along with underwater dance and model poses. All of which will be used in your photoshoot with Harlow House Photo!

After private coaching through an underwater photo shoot, students will  perform at a public appearance  at the entrance for Mermaid MegaFest’s Saturday night Island Moon Party in a new 7,200 - gallon mobile swim tank.  Final technique and training for underwater modeling will occur on Sunday. Each mermaid will be photographed by Hannah inside the tank and the photographer from outside the tank.


Participation is limited to twelve aspiring mermaid performers.  Participants must be 16 years or older.  No experience is necessary, however, it will be much more effective if you can practice with a tail in a pool prior to the workshop so that you can integrate the lessons.

Course Syllabus

An exclusive experience with Ocean Conservationist Hannah Mermaid during Mermaid MegaFest 2019! This is a three-day workshop, June 14~16, 2019 that will coincide with the Mermaid MegaFest 2019 in South Haven, Michigan.  This immersive workshop will present marine knowledge, aquatic life, and Eco-Mermaid philosophy.  Water skills, such as breath work and underwater acrobatics, will be emphasized.  Underwater modeling tips and a photo shoot from Hannah.  Knowledge, skills, and perspective will merge as you perform live in the Freshwater Mermaid Tank for the festival participants.  The Freshwater Mermaid Tank is a new mobile tank that is being introduced for the first time.  It is twenty feet long and seven feet tall and holds over 4,000 gallons of water!



12:00pm Welcome: Introductions (land-based)

* Tips on how to build up a professional mermaid modeling business.

* Tips on mermaid tail making and construction.

* Stories on underwater animal encounters - how to do this safely.


1:00 pm Tank Session 

* Deep breathing and free diving breath hold techniques.

* Tips and pointers on how to swim like a mermaid most effectively.

* How to blow bubble rings.


5:00 pm Guests on the Friends Good Will Sailing Ship in the Nauti-Prows Flotilla (no-tails)

* Kickoff HarborFest as a passenger aboard the lead vessel .tall-ship.

* Experience the nostalgia of seafaring days.



9:00 am Morning Session (land-based)

* Yoga/stretching routine to allow better oxygen flow through the body & lungs.

* Tips on costume, hair, wig, and makeup for underwater modeling.


12:00 pm Mermaid Gathering on South Beach Pier - Land Appearance

* Wear your mermaid tail at the annual gathering on the South Beach pier! 


3:00 pm Tank Session - 

* Tips and pointers on how to swim like a mermaid most effectively.

* Fine tuning body movements, underwater dance and model poses.

* Tricks for looking your best underwater.


8:00 pm Public Tank Performance - Island Moon Party entrance!

* Open time for students of this class only (not coached by Hannah).

* Guests arrive to dance by the light of the moon.

* Music by the Naughty Princess on the beach of Siren Island! 


10:00 pm Island Moon Party - Relax and party with fellow merfolk (must be 21+).

* A late night costume party for adult Merfolk only.  

* A magical evening for mermaids and pirates alike.



11:00 am Tank Photo Shoot Sessions

* Coaching each participant through a photo session in the tank.

* Fine tuning performance and underwater model techniques.