Old Harbor Carnival

 515 Williams Street, South Haven, Mi
Friday •Saturday •Sunday

Watch the Circus Siren Pod as they return to Old Harbor Village with North America’s tallest mermaid swim tank! See live mermaid swimming performances throughout the weekend in the courtyard.  Photo opportunities with stage props abound.  Sign up for mermaid painting classes, and enjoy the shopping and many restaurants and bars of Old Harbor Village!

The courtyard of Old Harbor Village, located in the Maritime District near downtown South Haven, will be the site of the Old Harbor Carnival during Mermaid MegaFest.  The village is a short walk down Center Street at the intersection of Williams Street overlooking the Black River channel.  Activities for all ages will be available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Carnival Attractions

Old Harbor Village is home to South Haven’s best boutique shops and unique restaurants, including:


South Haven Brewpub
A local brewery with in-house handcrafted beer, full-service restaurant, spirits, and wine with outside seating.


Simple pleasures for the cottage, home, and garden.  Local supplier of authentic Lake Girl merchandise.


WARNER Vineyards
One of Michigan’s oldest wineries, serving their famous frozen wine slushies.


An extensive handpicked collection of resort wear featuring exclusive designs.


Captain Cravinz
Frosty tropical delights like Halo, Boba Tea, Japanese iced tea and Hawaiian shaved ice.


Tipsy Brush Studio - The complete wine and paint experience, classes offered daily. Throughout the weekend, special mermaid-themed painting sessions are offered.


Channel Wine Bar
Premium California and international wine selection with food pairings.


The Black Pearl
Specializes in unique pearl and stone jewelry.


The Perfect Setting
Unique handcrafted sterling and gold jewelry made right in the shop!


Flamingo Island - Beachwear and henna designs.


Idler Dockside - Shoreside dining next to the riverboat.

Old Harbor Inn - Picturesque lodging in downtown South Haven.

A Mermaid Grotto, with stage props, and perhaps a live mermaid or two, will be set up for land-based photo opportunities for pictures where you are transformed into a mermaid!  Come take a picture of yourself and share with your friends.

Watch live mermaids of the Circus Siren Pod swim in their unique round aquarium - North America’s tallest mobile swimming tank!  The Circus Siren Pod is a group of professional water artists that offer far more than your average mermaid show. They have mermaids, mermen, models, bubble artists, and even a fire-breathing water sprite. Based out of mid-Atlantic region, Circus Siren Pod members have performed across the country and even internationally. From the beaches of Hawaii, to the Aquariums of Colorado, to the resorts of Jamaica, they bring a magical show to audiences of all ages.

TheCircus Siren Pod
Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 1.54.56 PM.png

Morgana is the owner of Circus Siren Entertainment and the creator of the Circus Siren Pod. Her mermaid career has allowed her to travel the world, performing for TV segments, major festivals, Sandals Resorts, and various casinos. Morgana is also a fire performer, aerialist, and world champion circus artist.

Washington D.C.'s Original Mermaid


Mermaid Morgana

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 1.59.03 PM.png

Charlotte is a lake mermaid from New York state where she once guarded a castle until, with the rise of the modern age, she was no longer needed and ventured out, eventually finding the pod. She lives to free dive, spending minutes on end peacefully beneath the surface and boasts the longest breath-hold of all her siblings.

The Water Dancer

Mermaid Charlotte

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 2.00.41 PM.png

Mermaid Tasha is an avid conservationist with a special fondness for sea turtles. When she isn't doing crafts with children at festivals and birthday parties, you can find her at beach clean-ups and fundraising events throughout the mid-atlantic.

The Marlin Mermaid

Mermaid Tasha

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 2.01.46 PM.png

Mermaid Kaitlin hails from the golden coast and is the Pod's one and only Pacific mermaid. With her pink and green hues and flower-inspired tail, she embodies the orchid. An international aerialist and a regular on the Renaissance Faire circuit, she swims by any time she isn't busy flying. 

The Flying Ladyfish

Mermaid Kaitlin

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 2.03.00 PM.png

Greg is the Pods favorite fabricator. He is the owner of Silken Alchemy and makes everything from their souvenir hair-stick accessories to their custom trailer and exclusive performance equipment.

Head Fabricator and Onsite Manager

Greg Surniak

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 2.05.26 PM.png

The Shenandoah mermaid is a staple in Virginia. With a strong focus on marine education, Seanna has performed across the Caribbean and has extensive experience performing in aquariums for children and adults alike. 

The Shenandoah Mermaid

Mermaid Seanna

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 2.07.29 PM.png

This glamorous mermaid swam from her shores to find shiny treasures and found the Circus Siren Pod along the way. This Wakandan Warrior is bilingual in English and Arabic.

The Wakandan Mermaid

Mermaid JessaLee

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 2.08.40 PM.png

Katja is related to dragons,  though history has forgotten how they are connected. With most her kind lost to pollution she now travels with the Circus Siren Pod spreading a message of conservation and guarding the ocean as her ancestors guarded treasure. 

The Serpent Siren

Mermaid Katja

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 2.10.10 PM.png

You can catch a glimpse of Izriella on one of her frequent trips to the surface from the deep sea. She has a passion for the sea creatures she shares her home with travels the world spreading awareness about marine animals and conservation.

The Abyssal Mermaid

Mermaid Izriella

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 2.11.31 PM.png

Randy is the real deal: a historian, a sailor, a literal ship's captain, and has spent a decade as a pirate reenactor and children's entertainer. He works as the pod's head merwrangler, toting mermaids from ocean to tank and answering questions about all things mer. 

Merwrangler in Chief

Captain Coats