Meet Sadie Mermaid!

Sadie is a lead player in the upcoming Mermaid Megafest! She is excited to bring awareness to Michigan and the wonderful Great Lakes and be apart of the first Mermaid Festival in Michigan. She says: ”Mermaids should gather at events like these because we are a community with a similar interests and it is important to support one another on our each individual journey”

Keep reading to learn more about her!

Where are you from? What do you enjoy filling your day with?

I am from Grand Haven Michigan just one hour north of South Haven. I enjoy filling my day with working on my business as well as attending school.

Where did you learn your love for the water?

I learned my love for the water from growing up around it. Working as a lifeguard for four years year round at the beach and an indoor water park as well as boating, fishing, swimming have always been apart of who I am.

Why do you love Mermaids so much?

I love to mermaid because I am able to bring happiness to both children and adults. It also allows me to bring education to the younger generation about Freshwater Ecology and how important it is that we take care of our Great Lakes.

How long have you been using a Mermaid Tail? Where did you get it? Did you make it? Do you have a favorite brand or tail? Tell me more!

I have been wearing a tail for a little over two years. My first tail was a Magictail fabric tail. A short 8 months later I upgraded to a Mertailor partial silicone tail. Mertailor is by far my favorite tail maker for silicone tails.

What do you think people can learn from Mermaids?

I definitely think that people can learn a multitude of things from mermaids. One of the biggest things that people have taken well is information about the environment and how they can make a difference.

What is your favorite Mermaid or ocean quote?

“Life is simple, just add water”

What camps or mermaid gatherings have you been to or wish to go to? What was your favorite part?

I have been apart of the Freshwater Mermaid Society as well as the Michigan Mermaid Pod. I look forward to working closely with a good friend of mine to have more gatherings and be more involved in our communities around Michigan.

What ocean conservation efforts do you support?

Currently I support Loris Voice, this is a non-profit organization that provides financial coverage for special needs children that their insurance companies don’t cover. I am actively searching for an organization to partner with and support our Great Lakes.

What are you favorite Mermaid theme items or clothing?

My favorite clothing store is Margarita Mermaid Swimwear

Any tips and tricks for fellow Mermaids? (Brands, accessories, tails, swimming, etc)

I highly recommend to any new mermaid that you first start with a fabric tail. Also, Mertailor and Fin-Fun fabric tails are some of the best fabric tails on the market! I also believe it is important to buy accessories and other mermaid related items from fellow mermaids in the community so we can support each other.

What would you say your specialty is when it comes to mermaids?

My specialty is children. I absolutely love talking to children about their hopes and dreams and I love being able to show them that you can achieve your dreams and make a difference in the lives of other people.

Where do you see the mermaid industry going in the next few years?

The mermaid industry has grown significantly in the last couple of year. I see this growing into something wonderful where people can use mermaiding as a way of communicating to people the importance of protecting our environment and educating those on how and why they should make a difference.

Thanks Sadie!

Article written by Molly the owner and writer for Mermaid blog Everything Mermaid. Her blog focuses on reviews and discount codes to share with merfolk around the world. She focuses on Mermaid tails, blankets, pillows, and even jewelry. Feel free to reach out to her!