Water Street Faire

June 14-15, 2019
South Haven, Michigan


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Registration is CLOSED

This year’s craft event is a partnership between the HarborFest Craft & Gourmet Food Fair and the Mermaid MegaFest Pirate Street Faire - creating an awesome opportunity to present your merchandise at what is sure to be South Haven’s largest summer craft phenomenon. 

 HarborFest is a celebration of Michigan’s unique maritime history that will be celebrating its 28th annual milestone.  This year’s event will continue to feature the exciting Dragon boat races, the Live Entertainment Stage, the Food Fest and the Waterfront Beer Garden. 

 Mermaid MegaFest is a gathering of merfolk dedicated to promoting efforts to “Protect our Water Wonderland and raising public awareness of the challenges our Great Lakes ecosystem face.  And it's not just for mermaids - mermen and merkids, along with sailors and nefarious pirates, will be everywhere! This year’s festival is being scheduled for Father’s Day weekend in anticipation of warmer swimming waters. 

 Held on the same weekend, HarborFest and Mermaid MegaFest will each have their own schedule of events at different venues throughout South Haven.  However, they have decided to combine their efforts for the 2019 Water Street Faire, creating a bigger and better experience for craft and gourmet food vendors. 

The venue will be Water Street, along Waterfront Park in South Haven.  The street will be closed to vehicle traffic throughout the fair.  Booths located on the eastern section of the street will be assigned to HarborFest’s crafter and gourmet food vendors.  Booths located on the western section of the street will be assigned to Mermaid MegaFest’s mermaid grotto and pirate street faire vendors.  Vendor’s section preference can be designated on their application form.  All vendor rules (such as booth size, hours, fees, etc.) are the same throughout the entire booth area. 

Any questions may be directed to info@mermaidmegafest.com.  
 Thank you, 
 Water Street Faire Committee Mermaid MegaFest 2019   

Show Rules


  •  Participants must be 18 and over.

  •  Applications must be post marked by May 10, 2019 in order to be assured a spot in the festival.

  •  Applications must be accompanied by the required fee. Upon acceptance by festival all booth fees are non-refundable.

  •  Artisans/crafters should maintain proof in their booth area of all required licenses and inspections pertinent to the sale of their goods. Goods should be labeled according to specified standards (liability insurance, cottage food laws, health department permit.) Gourmet Food Vendors defined as pre-packaged food not intended to be consumed on site. This application is not for food concessions.

  •  It is the sole responsibility of vendors that all Michigan sales tax collected be paid to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

  •  Exhibit areas will be assigned in advance. HarborFest has the right to assign spaces and setup times. It is based upon date application is received and whether you have participated in the past.

  •  All booths are at least 10 x 10. If you require more space consider getting more than one booth.

  •  Setup will be Friday, June 14th 7:00am~11:30am.  All vehicles must be off the show site by 11:30am.  No exceptions.

  •  Required booth hours during the festival are Friday, June 14th 12:00pm~9:00pm and Saturday, June 15th 10:00am~9:00pm.

  •  Exhibit booths will be setup along the street and in the grass areas along sidewalks. All exhibitors should be prepared for setup on curb lawn. No stakes are allowed. No exceptions.

  •  We cannot guarantee electric service for your booth. Spaces with electric are limited.  It will be given out on a first come first serve basis.  Generators are not allowed on the craft site.

  •  Overnight security will be provided; however, HarborFest, Mermaid MegaFest or the City of South Haven not be held responsible for any loss or damages due to weather or theft.

  •  No grilling or camping is allowed on streets or public parks. (visit www.southhaven.org for accommodations).

  •  HarborFest is not responsible for vendor parking. Beach parking is $9.00 per vehicle per trip. There are several free city parking lots in the downtown area. Multiple day parking stickers are available at City Hall. ( No over-night parking allowed.)

  •  We do have a limited number of handicap parking spaces available; please contact us to request a space.

  •  There will be a $50 cleaning deposit assessed per vendor.  This deposit will be refunded in cash at your time of departure from the festival upon approval from a committee member.  No refund will be issued if you leave without this approval (no exceptions).

  •  Tear down will begin at 9:00 pm on Saturday night. Teardown is to be completed by 11:00pm Saturday June 15th. Cars will not be allowed to go east on Water Street at this time due to pedestrian traffic.  Cars will be brought down St. Joseph Street and exit through the beach parking lot.  If you need help getting merchandise to your vehicle there will be some volunteers available to assist with this.

  •  The exhibitor agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the HarborFest, Mermaid MegaFest and the City of South Haven for any loss arising from exhibitors.